4 Ways your hosting provides are affecting SEO of your website

4 Ways your hosting provides are affecting SEO of your website

It takes many variables to be just right to make your website appear and stay ion top of your favourite Search Engine. Amongst which, hosting plays a critical role to make sure your website is making Search Engines happy.


There are Many factors that directly effect Search Engine position of your website which are linked to where you are hosting your website. Here is the list of things that you should consider before selecting your hosting provider to get better SEO.

1. Say no to shared hosting.

This could seem the most attractive option on paper when you see the pricing, but you need to understand that there are going to be number of other websites which will share resources with you. Basically, guaranteed slow performance. If you are serious about SEO, make sure your hosting is not offering you a shared hosting. There are other issues such as security, lack of control over the server and scalability with shared hosting.

2. Speed and server location.

Other thing that Search Engines like is how quickly your server responds when they make a request. When you select a hosting make sure that they have allocated you enough resources, they are using SSD, they are using an industry standard network connectivity and have enough physical locations to choose, you will be able to reduce your response time with few on page optimization but to reduce that last bit of microsecond, these features are going to be necessary.

3. A guarantee in server uptime with a good track record.

A website experiencing continuous downtime will never reach its potential. Search Engines hate websites that experience periodic downtime. Make sure your hosting provider guarantees 99.99% server up time and has a good track record of keeping that promise. All hosting website will say they deliver 99.99% server up time but read their reviews where people are honest about their experiences.

4. Scalability

First rule of hosting is to stay away from anything that is advertised as unlimited. Nothing is unlimited, neither web space nor bandwidth. All website runs in a finite resource, so a sudden surge of traffic makes your website slow and if you are on shared hosting, a sudden surge in traffic in someone else’s website can slow down your website’s performance. A better web hosting will allow you to up scale and down scale your resources when you experience a sudden surge of traffic with zero downtime.

4 Ways your hosting provides are affecting SEO of your website 1