Ubuntu, CentOS based Web Server Tutorials and Informations

4 Free cPanel alternatives for linux VPS

The issue of free cpanel alternatives comes in our mind everytime we try to setup a virtual private server to host website or websites. In this article, we will learn and understand about few popular and free cpanel alternatives that we can use to get the job done.

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How to access VPS remotely via SSH with PuTTY, git bash and terminal

You have bought your new VPS in a quest take your game up. You have been given all the usernames and passwords but do not know exactly how you can access VPS remotely .

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How to create virtual host in xampp on windows, mac and linux?

We have all been here at least once. You wanted to use separate url for your each of your project instead of old localhost. Today, we will see how exactly we create virtual host in xampp when you are on windows, linux or mac.

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